4th ISA Monthly Meeting at NISE

“M/S Greentech India” participated in an exclusive exhibition organized on the occasion of the 4th monthly meeting of “International Solar Alliance” (ISA). “I.S.A.” is a group of countries falling between tropic of cancer and tropic of capricon. India with its special efforts on solar industry has been unanimously selected as head quarters for this international organization, representing more than 120 countries. Continue reading “4th ISA Monthly Meeting at NISE”

4th NISE Foundation Day Celebration

“M/S Greentech India” participated in the exhibition organized by NISE on the occasion of 4th foundation day` dated 27 Oct 17. NISE(National Institute of Solar Energy) is an autonomous institution under MNRE(Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) Govt. Of India. The institute was opened on the day for general public and students.

Continue reading “4th NISE Foundation Day Celebration”

HAREDA, Gurgaon to release subsidy for Solar power plant customers !!

subsidy on solar panel

Residential Solar Power Plants are being promoted by Haryana Government, with great focus, the solar power system are offered with central government subsidy, under on grid residential solar plants.
The government is offering 30% subsidy for domestic solar power plants. The timely disbursement of subsidy in customer account is the key to success of this Continue reading “HAREDA, Gurgaon to release subsidy for Solar power plant customers !!”

Things to Know Before Installing Solar on Your Roof

India is geographically placed as one of the rich countries which is blessed with abundant solar power. India has a tremendous scope for the growth for the solar power. However, factors like lack of awareness about the solar power technology amongst the consumers and penetration of second grade products in the market. Continue reading “Things to Know Before Installing Solar on Your Roof”

Gurgaon More than Doubles the Target – Eyes Leadership Position


Gurgaon has crossed its installed solar energy capacity target for summer, which was set at 5MW. Officials of the Haryana Renewable Energy Department (HAREDA) said the district’s installed solar power capacity has crossed 12 MW (as of last week) and they are all set to achieve the 20 MW milestone by August. According to officials, the major chunk of the installed solar capacity comes from commercial buildings driven by the state’s Solar Power Policy 2014 that mandated necessary installation of solar power plants of minimum 1 KW in buildings above 500 square yards. Continue reading “Gurgaon More than Doubles the Target – Eyes Leadership Position”

Solar Mela in Haryana

Haryana state government has decided to engage in continuous solar education and awareness programs for the consumers by bringing them on the same platform as the channel partners, discom and the renewable energy department.

In the same regard, a Solar mela was organized on Saturday and Sunday by the district administration and HAREDA which saw participation from 36 solar companies and 13 leading banks.
Principal Secretary, Ankur Gupta, renewable energy department who was the chief guest at the event said that, “While there an increased awareness about solar energy, Continue reading “Solar Mela in Haryana”

Gurgaon Gaushala – Goes Green

The landmark “Shri Gurgaon Gaushala” established in the year 1913, is one of the historic icon of gurgaon, the gaushala had been paying hefty electricity bills for the last many years. Thanks to the revolutionary renewable solar powered energy being available in affordable cost alongwith government support by providing 30% subsidy on capex under social sector. Continue reading “Gurgaon Gaushala – Goes Green”

Solar Powered – High Rise Elevators

The societies in Gurgaon are getting aware towards environment friendly and economical solutions.   One such initiative is done by using vacant terrace area of towers by installing solar power panels, and running services like elevators, park lights and water pumps by solar power. Greentech India with its total solution has been selected for putting 100 KW solar for the society Continue reading “Solar Powered – High Rise Elevators”