Top Solar Panel Manufacturers in India

top solar panel manufacturers

Without a doubt, when it comes to a point of Solar Power System production, India is among the leading Solar Panel Manufacturers. From past some years, India is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. In fact, when we discuss the world’s leading wind energy utilizer then India comes in the first position.

But now the question arises that how Indian become the World’s Top Solar Panel Manufacturer.

The first reason is that the country has received a high amount of solar radiation on the surface that is directly come from the Sun, this is commonly known as the Solar Insolation. The country has a huge number of sunshine days & has a solar power reception of over 5 trillion KW annually. This is more than the 4 times actual electrical consumption of the year.

Solar Panel Manufacturers have made the use of solar appliances a common practice. Water heaters, road lights, home illumination system & cookers are among the utilities & appliances that use Solar Power consumption.

Solar Panel Manufacturers & Distributors in India face a huge number of obstacles in order to make India as the fully dependent on renewable energy. As the country is also facing the problem of land space because of the highly dense population.There is very less number of Solar Panel Manufacturers in India. This is because the cost to establish a manufacturing unit is very high. The land is also very expensive to purchase. So many people only took the distributorship or dealership from the manufacturers and sell them in the Indian market. So the market of Solar Panel Distributors & Dealers is very vast and this makes India as the world’s top Solar Panel Manufacturer.

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