News on Net Metering – Important Announcement for All

net meter

This is to inform all of you that the most awaited meeting on the net metering billing issue has been aligned. Hareda – Department of Renewable Energy Government of Haryana, has now finalized the meeting after waiting for too long. The meeting is going to be scheduled on 09/08/18 at 3:30 p: m Hetri House IDC Gurgaon.

There will so many senior designation presenters available along with the respectable SE OP Circle 2 and SE MP. There will be all concerned and authorized officers of OP Circle 2 present. This is going to be the most important meeting of the renewable energy sector so we are inviting all interested people. The hot topic of this meeting will only be a net metering billing issue. So we are requesting all to attend the meeting. We will discuss the result of this meeting in our next blog. So keep waiting for the decisions

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