HAREDA, Gurgaon to release subsidy for Solar power plant customers !!

subsidy on solar panel

Residential Solar Power Plants are being promoted by Haryana Government, with great focus, the solar power system are offered with central government subsidy, under on grid residential solar plants.
The government is offering 30% subsidy for domestic solar power plants. The timely disbursement of subsidy in customer account is the key to success of this scheme.
Referring to the recent sources, the Gurgaon HAREDA office is soon going to disburse subsidy to a lot of customers, who have got there solar power system installed under this scheme. Average time of disbursal is 3 to 6 months.
The On grid residential solar power system, is connected to net metering by DHBVN. The solar electricity generated is reduced from the net consumption of the house. Additionally 1 Rs/ Unit incentive benefit is given to the customer by government.

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