4th ISA Monthly Meeting at NISE

“M/S Greentech India” participated in an exclusive exhibition organized on the occasion of the 4th monthly meeting of “International Solar Alliance” (ISA). “I.S.A.” is a group of countries falling between tropic of cancer and tropic of capricon. India with its special efforts on solar industry has been unanimously selected as head quarters for this international organization, representing more than 120 countries.

On the occasion M/S “Greentech India” made a presentation to the representative of senior official from countries like – Mauritius, France, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Peru, Uganda, Zambia. The high commissioners showed great interest in developing the solar based system in their respective countries. Such initiatives is a great opportunity for India to be world leader in solar industry. India’s location in the globe is also solar favorable having average 4.5 to 5 KWH/m2 Solar irradiance better than China.

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